Report: Instagram Removing Photos Uploaded Via 3rd Party Apps Like Instance

According to the developer of the popular 3rd party Instagram app developer Instance, Instagram is removing photos uploaded via 3rd party clients like Instance.

Evidently Instagram has little spies that watch every @WindowsPhone user and deletes their images after uploading. #onlythingicanthinkof

— Daniel Gary (@danielgary) July 30, 2013

When an image is uploaded to Instagram using the 3rd party clients like Instance, images will appear on Instagram’s website when you logged in using your own profile and after sometime, these photos are getting removed from the Instagram account and the public URLs to access them becomes dead.

Hipstomatic Oggl is the only app in Windows Phone Store that provides legal uploads to Instagram. I think users will be forced to use Oggl app due to Instagram’s policies towards 3rd party Instagram apps like Instance.

Find Instance app in the Windows Phone Store here.

via: The Verge