Report: Google To Acquire Twitch Live Streaming Video Platform For $1 Billion


25, 2014

Along with the March system update for Xbox One, Microsoft enabled Twitch game broadcasting feature for all the gamers on Xbox One. Microsoft also shared some numbers on Twitch on Xbox One. In short, the engagement is much more than Sony’s PS4. Xbox Live members worldwide are spending an average of 5 hours per day exploring apps, playing games, and watching TV on Xbox One. Back in May, it was reported that Google is planning to acquire Twitch for $1 billion. Today, Venturebeat reported that this deal has been confirmed.

We don’t know everything about this deal, such as when it will be announced and the exact purchase price. We do know that Twitch investors who participated in past rounds are pleased that they will be getting significant returns that are multiple times the amount they originally invested.

Twitch has more than more than 50 million monthly active users and more than 1.1 million members who broadcast videos each month. Twitch on Xbox One has played a big role in the increase in Xbox One usage since the app added broadcasting on March 10. In fact, nearly 23 million minutes have been broadcast from Twitch on Xbox One since launch. This includes more than 2.7 million minutes broadcast from Xbox One March 10-11, the most ever for a Twitch console app in its first day. Additionally, 30 percent of all Twitch unique broadcasters were broadcasting from Xbox One during the app’s first day.

Will Microsoft continue Twitch integration in Xbox One post Google’s acquisition?

Source: Venturebeat

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