Report: Future Lumias will no longer have the option to set default Google as search provider


15, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Tom Warren from The Verge reports that future Lumia handsets, including the 630 and 930, will no longer allow users to set Google as their default search provider.

The option, which is popular in regions where Bing is weak, is an advanced setting present currently on most Lumia handsets. OEMs have the option of setting the default search, and it appears when Nokia came under direct control by Microsoft they have decided to drop Google.

The Verge notes this change will only affect new Lumia devices, and current handsets will be unaffected, even after the WP8.1 update. Also of note is that many Nokia Lumia 630 and 930 owners are reporting the options above are still available on their handsets.

While Bing is used by only a small percentage of Windows users on the desktop, on Windows Phones more than 50% of searches are performed using Bing.  I expect with handset margins dropping constantly this is an area where Microsoft will attempt to recoup some of handset revenue.

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