Report: Apple was working on Walkie-Talkie feature for iPhone

Apple Watch already has a Walkie-Talkie app which allows you to get in touch with others with just a tap. However, it requires internet like any other voice service. Today, The Information reported that Apple was working on a Walkie-Talkie feature for iPhone that will allow users to communicate even without an internet connection. Apple’s plan was to allow users to communicate with other iPhone users where there will be no internet connection such as on ski slopes or mountains. But the sad news is that Apple has suspended the development of this program.

Apple was developing this feature internally under the codename Project OGRS. This Walkie-Talkie app is built on top of Intel modem and takes advantage of 900 megahertz wireless spectrum which is currently being used by utility, oil and gas industries. The Information reports multiple reason for putting this project on hold. First, Apple has decided to ditch Intel modems for Qualcomm modems starting with 2020 iPhones. Second, executive in charge of this feature, Rubén Caballero, left Apple earlier this year. Hopefully, Apple will consider to bring back this feature to iPhones in the future.

Source: Information