Report: Apple Hires Microsoft HoloLens Audio Engineer For Its AR Project

HoloLens Speaker

Microsoft HoloLens device comes with built-in speakers which offers a precise audio experience without headphones that is immersive, yet won’t block out the real world. Using a scientific model that characterizes how the human ear receives sound from a specific location, Microsoft HoloLens synthesizes sound so that you can hear holograms from anywhere in the room. Recently, Apple has hired Nick Thompson, who was HoloLens Audio Hardware Engineering Lead from September of 2012 at Microsoft. Analyst Gene Munster believes that this latest hiring from Apple might be related to their upcoming AR product.

“We believe Apple’s early involvement in the space suggests the company is preparing for the next evolution of computing,” Munster wrote. “Additionally, we believe Apple’s evolving fashion advantage means they can uniquely develop products that consumers will actually want vs. prototype style offerings today.”

Source: AppleInsider