Report: 2020 iPhone will feature iPad Pro-like ProMotion 120Hz display

Currently, Apple ships ProMotion technology only on iPad Pro models. ProMotion technology can automatically adjust the display’s refresh rate based on what you’re doing for the most responsive performance possible. So if you’re scrolling through web pages, playing a 3D game or drawing with Apple Pencil, ProMotion display will make it feel utterly smooth, fast and immersive. According to a latest report from DigiTimes, the next generation iPhones releasing in 2020 will feature iPad Pro-like ProMotion 120Hz display.

Recently, Android OEMs started shipping smartphones with 90Hz displays. OnePlus started the trend and more recently Google Pixel 4 devices were launched with 90Hz support. In the coming months, we can expect more Android devices shipping with high refresh rate displays to offer smooth viewing experience. With 2020 iPhones, Apple will leapfrog Android OEMs with ProMotion 120Hz display. Hopefully, Apple will be able to deliver this high refresh rate display in iPhones without compromising battery life.

via: AppleInsider