The COVID-19 virus is wreaking havoc around the world, but in the process is also accelerating the arrival of items such as Work from Home which has been waiting in the wings for a long time.

Another feature which has been building for ages but which has yet to hit the mainstream is release to streaming of movies day and date with theatre.  With many cinema chains shutting down completely due to the virus however NBC Universal has made the pragmatic decision to release their movies to rental within 2 weeks of theatrical release.

Currently, they have 3 titles available for Home Premier, their rental brand.

Those include:

The Invisible Man (2020)

Emma (2020)

The Hunt.

Movies are $19.99 in USA and £15.99 in UK, with rentals lasting two weeks. While steep, when shared by 2 or 3 people it is likely cheaper than going to the theatre, and the drinks probably cost a lot less.

Check them out at the links above.

Via the WC