Render of cancelled Nokia Mercury tablet leaked


30, 2015

nokia mercury

Prolific leaker evleaks have posted a render from Nokia’ “graveyard” of cancelled devices.

The device, the Nokia Mercury, which looks like a phone but is actually a tablet, is one of 4 devices cancelled when Microsoft took over Nokia’s handset division in 2014, which included tablets, phones and smart watches, and had code names such as Illusionist, Mercury, Pine and Vega/Atlas.

A close look at the picture suggests the device may have a SIM slot and front-facing camera, and of course it does have a prominently placed rear-facing camera, suggesting this device would have at least reasonable camera quality.

It is likely the hiatus in the Nokia product pipeline which saw the Nokia McLaren cancelled contributed significantly to the sales woes Windows phones are experiencing at the minute, with these leaks providing an interesting look at what could have been.

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