Remove Sideload Limit From WP7 Devices(Homebrew)


27, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

Microsoft provides an official way to unlock Windows Phone 7 devices for the developers to test their applications by side loading them. But the number of side loadable applications to the unlocked developer devices are restricted to just small number, exactly 10. If you are a homebrew developer or unlocked your WP7 devices unofficially to try out homebrew apps, then the 10 application limit is really annoying, since there are no.of cool applications that you want them on the device at any time. Nico,the developer  at XDA has found a way to lift this 10 app limitation. You can try out on your HTC,Samsung devices( LG,Dell not yet tested) and you can always rollback to the default values if this doesn’t work on your device.

Source: XDA via wpcentral

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