Remote Device Manager, control your Windows Phone with a simple browser


3, 2014

Hello to all,

I have created a new app for control your windows phone 8.1 device from a web browser.

How many times have you wanted to take a file from your phone and you did not have to USB cable ?

You did not want to kill the battery of your device connecting and disconnecting from the charge ?

This app  allows you to manage your phone through wifi without the need to connect it via USB, with any web browser .

Simply open the program, make a note of the address shown and enter into your browser.

With a simple interface , you can

  • Check the charge of your phone
  • Download and upload files
  • Display the pictures on your phone
  • View the contacts on your phone
  • Display your location on the map
  • Take a photo without touching the device

The app does not need wifi connection (only for view your map) and no data is send via the internet, so the speed of transfer is the speed of the connection.

The app is available only for Windows Phone 8.1 devices for 1,49€ but there is a trial version that does not allow you to upload files , create directories,change the default password to connect send, sms and call contacts.

You can download Remote Device Manager from the Windows Phone Store or via QR Code.

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