Remote Control your phone with "I left my phone at home"


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Most of us are never more than a metre away from our phones, which makes forgetting it at home even more disastrous. I Left My Phone At Home is insurance just for that day.

I Left My Phone At Home is an application that runs on your Windows® Mobile phone  that lets you see and respond to your missed phone calls and text messages when you are away from your phone.

The application lets you:

  • Track ALL your missed calls and text messages, even if you’re not at your phone.
  • Respond to all your calls and text messages by simply typing a response.
  • Set an away message to be sent to all missed calls and text messages, automatically!
  • See your upcoming appointments so you don’t miss important meetings!
  • Never miss that important call, text message, or meeting again!

The innovative software is just $4.99 and available from Marketplace here.