After the success of Control, Remedy Entertainment has signed a deal with a ‘major publisher’ to develop two next-gen video games. 

The first of Remedy Entertainment’s unannounced projects is described as a “AAA multi-platform game”. The title is already in pre-production stages and will be powered by the company’s proprietary Northlight Engine, the same tools used to create Control and Quantum Break.

The second game is described as a “smaller-scale” project set within the same franchise as the first. We suspect it to be more akin to something like Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

The two-project deal between Remedy and the unannounced major publisher will leave the developer with the IP rights. After the hassle that the Finnish developer went through to take back ownership of Alan Wake from Microsoft, we expect they’d want to hold on to every IP they create.

For business enthusiasts, the revenue generated from both of the game’s projects will be split between the developer and publisher. The revenue split was not declared.