Remastered L.A. Noire is now available on Xbox One

Rockstar’s announcement that L.A. Noire was being remastered for Xbox One may not have been a huge surprise since it was rumored for a while, but it was a welcome reveal nonetheless. This remastered edition is now available on Xbox One. L.A. Noire first released in 2011 and follows an LAPD detective in the 1940s as he attempts to rid the city of corruption and solve various crimes from different cases the player will take on. Its advantaged facial animation technology was highly praised upon launch, and this feature should look even better on Xbox One. This technology helps the player with interrogations as it gives them a better reading of the suspects.

You can purchase L.A. Noire from the Microsoft Store for $39.99. It’s been confirmed that it will receive enhancements for the Xbox One X, however the specifics have not been detailed as of yet. Starting today, you can even purchase it digitally as a gift directly through the Microsoft Store or Xbox storefront. Game gifting is sure to be a popular feature ahead of the holidays, making shopping for your friends and family more convenient than ever.