Release Of Next Windows 10 Technical Preview Build Delayed By One Bug

Microsoft released its last technical preview build of Windows 10 back in January. We didn’t get any new build in February and till today in March. Gabe from Windows team recently explained the release cadence they have for Windows 10 and confirmed that they are considering feedback about new builds every week or so. He also said that he can’t provide predictable release schedule with the following explanation.

There will also be times when new functionality is coming into the builds where we need a little extra time to stabilize and polish before it reaches you. These feature integration windows will come at different times, which means we really cannot provide a predictable build schedule for when we expect builds to reach you. Sometimes they will be faster, and sometimes slower. This is why I’ve said on Twitter previously that we expect that you’ll get a build “roughly monthly” since we can typically expect that a build will come out every 30 days or so, though sometimes (as now) it may take a little longer.

Answering to a question on Twitter, Gabe said that there is one bug in the current build which is blocking them from releasing it to the public.

He also confirmed that Microsoft will release this build if they fix this bug or move to the next build.