Regular Xbox One X preorders may go live this week


19, 2017

Update: Other retailers are saying that preorders will go live when the clock goes past September 21 in the United States.

It looks like another retailer has ruined the surprise just like GameStop ruined the surprise for the Xbox One X: Project Scorpio Edition. According to various postings by Walmart, you’ll be able to preorder a normal Xbox One X starting on September 21. While the normal Xbox One X might not be as elaborate as the Project Scorpio Edition, it’s still a gorgeous and sleek console. To be honest, I somewhat prefer the consistent look of it to the Project Scorpio Edition. I might just cancel my preorder for the Project Scorpio Edition and get this. The green lettering and color might stick out like a sore thumb in my all-black display case for my television and other consoles.

Will you buy the normal Xbox One X when it goes up for preorder? Or are you going to wait to see if someone on eBay sells a Project Scorpio Edition for less? Let us know.

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