Redesigned StaffPad For Windows 10 Coming In October As A Free Update

StaffPad Windows 10

StaffPad today announced that they are going to release fully updated and redesigned StaffPad for Windows 10. This update will be released as a free update at the end of October for existing users. StaffPad app was using App bars and charms which is no longer part of Windows 10. Instead of just adding workarounds for these changes, the developers behind this app decided to take the time to go deep and reimagine StaffPad exclusively for Windows 10.

Building StaffPad for Windows 10 was a big task, and a lot of work was done under the hood. It’s completely visually refreshed. But, it’s also faster, leaner, and more capable. We’re exciting by the results, and can’t wait to release it to you at the end of the month.

We’ve spent a long time on the details. From a beautiful home screen, that reacts to the weather and time of day (yes!), to faster score loading, partial bar selection, swing playback, handwritten dynamics symbols recognition, sketch layer colours, an exciting new voice activated smart assistant, and much more…

They will update us with a more in-depth look at the new UI and features at the end of the month when they release the update into the store.