Google has released a vast array of updates for its Chrome browser the past couple of months- mainly geared towards improving its efficiency and user experience.

We recently reported on Googles plans to make it easier for users to organise different tabs on Chrome; now, Techdows has informed us that the Chromium team has given its browser’s privacy settings a makeover.

The “Privacy and Security Settings” card in Chrome 80 has been condensed to only display the most used options while organising the remainder under “More”.  Now, only “Clear browsing data” and “Site Settings” are displayed, and under “More” are: Sync and Google Services, allow signing into Chrome browser, Send a Do Not Track request, check payment methods, Preload Pages, Manage certificates, Site Settings, and Clear browsing data.

Further to this, these options will no longer be hidden under “Advanced”, but will now have its own discrete category under the Basic Settings menu.

The motivation behind this change was, as mentioned in the flag description, “to make it (privacy Settings card) more prominent and easier to use.”

The Privacy Settings redesign is enabled by default in Chrome 80 beta; and is available behind a flag named “Privacy Settings Redesign” in Canary, and can be enabled on the chrome://flags page.

Source: Techdows