Redesigned Firefox browser for Android now available for download


27, 2019

Author Pradeep // in News

Mozilla today announced the preview release of redesigned Firefox browser for Android. The new Firefox browser for Android is powered by Firefox’s own mobile browser engine, GeckoView. While all other major Android browsers including the Edge are based on Chromium, Mozilla’s decision to stick with GeckoView for Firefox in a good decision. The following features are now available in this preview version.

  • Faster than ever: Firefox Preview is up to 2x faster than previous versions of Firefox for Android.
  • Fast by design: with a minimalist start screen and bottom navigation bar, Preview helps you get more done on the go.
  • Stay organized: Make sense of the web with Collections, a new feature that helps you save, organize, and share collections of sites. Quickly save and return to tasks like your morning routine, shopping lists, travel planning and more.
  • Tracking Protection on by default: Everyone deserves freedom from invasive advertising trackers and other bad actors so Firefox Preview blocks trackers by default. The result is faster browsing and fewer annoyances.

You can download the app preview here from Play Store. Final version of this new browser will be available this fall.

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