Rede Globo TV channel releases its app for Windows Phone in Brazil


23, 2015

Rede Globo Brazil

Live in Brazil and watch Globo? Now you can do it via your Windows Phone device!

Rede Globo, the biggest and most influential TV channel in Brazil, and also very influential on internet content via the address, has today released their official Windows Phone app. It follows the recent additions to the Store of the second biggest TV channel in the country – SBT – and another big name – Rede Bandeirantes.

The TV network is claimed to be one of the biggest media companies in the world, with more than 150 million spectators throughout Brazil and other countries through the TV Globo Internacional. It is a worldwide reference for programming, along with Televisa in Mexico, with some works being broadcasted in several countries worldwide.

The TV network is partner with Microsoft in Brazil, with constant ads and several actors in the dramas using Lumia devices. It is certainly helping Windows Phone to grow in numbers.

With the app, the user is able to:

  • Follow everything which happens in the schedule of the daily programming.
  • Watch soccer matches, comment on the moves and answer polls.
  • Search for extra information about the programs.
  • Share content on social networks.
  • Watch thousands of daily videos that are released for programs and journalistic content.

The TV Globo app can be found through this link.

They have also release another app, for the O Globo newspaper, one of the most important newspapers of the country. It can be found here.

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