Reddit-Netflix partnership brings you limited-time Stranger Things avatars

May 24, 2022

We’ve been waiting for the fourth season of Stranger Things for quite a long time now, so the announcement of its arrival on Netflix is really huge news for everyone. Reddit decides to join the craze through its first partnership with Netflix to give Redditors one-of-a-kind custom avatars.

The new limited-time avatar selections include Demogorgon, Eleven, Jim Hopper, and Steve Harrington. As expected, these Stranger Things avatars will come with the distinguishing Reddit faces, though each one is given details that make them distinctive in the series. For instance, Steve Harrington is in his Scoops Ahoy uniform while Eleven is wearing her pink dress and jacket. 

Redditors can use the new avatars by going to their profiles through the side-drawer drop-down menu and selecting “Style Avatar.” To find the new Stranger Things avatars, look for them in the “Explore” tab.

The announcement about these new Reddit avatars seems like one of Netflix’s promotions to make noise for the upcoming series. Different businesses are already offering special merchandise and offers in relation to the upcoming fourth season, like Domino’s “mind-ordering” app and Monopoly’s bits of spoilers (which obviously upset a lot of fans).

Stranger Things has a considerable audience viewership, with over 40.7 million households watching the third season just in its first four days and 64 million households within its first month. It is indeed one of Netflix’s most-watched series, so it is no wonder why the company is very active in promoting it. And with the subscription streaming company’s position after losing 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter of 2022 (causing it to lay off 150 workers), it is not surprising that it using this new season to attract new subscribers (and retain some?).

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