Recession bites HTC – revenue down Year on Year

logo The smartphone market segment has been suspected of being immune to the recession currently griping the world, with sales increasing while the greater cell phone market has been contracting.

Unfortunately HTC, like larger companies like Samsung and Nokia, are finding this is far from the case.  Their recently published results show sales down YoY in January by nearly 17%.  At the time this was blamed on a the Chinese New Year being in a different month in 2008 than 2009, but in February no such convenient excuse is available.

Fortunately for HTC February looks a bit brighter than January, with sales down only 4.4 % YoY. In a statement HTC has said they felt the trend should be bottoming out in February, and they have high hoped that March should show much better results, with the upcoming launch of new products soon.

February 2009

Unconsolidated 2009 2008 MoM Change YoY Change
Feb 9,206 9,631 -8.01% -4.41%

January 2009

Unconsolidated 2009 2008 MoM Change YoY Change
Jan 10,008 12,025 -26.30% -16.78%

See HTC’s results on their website here.