Recently Left Microsoft Executive Phil Harrison Reveals That His Startup’s Work Is Based On Unannounced Microsoft Technology


20, 2015

Phil Harrison

Just last week, Microsoft confirmed that Phil Harrison who was leading the Xbox efforts in the Europe has left the company for exploring other opportunities. Talking to, Phil has revealed that he has started a startup called Alloy Platform Industries, which is dealing with the bleeding edge of consumer technology.

We’re in stealth mode at the moment, we’ll stay in stealth mode for a while. It’s very exciting, and something I’ve been planning for a little over a year, in full consultation and collaboration with Microsoft, specifically with Phil Spencer. I’m taking a plunge into the start-up pool.”

He also revealed that his startup’s work is based on some unannounced Microsoft technology.

“I wouldn’t comment on that,” he says when I ask what form the collaboration will take. “Alloy has licensed some technology from Microsoft which will form the basis of our initial investigations and explorations. But I’m not going to say any more than that. It’s unannounced technology that nobody outside of Microsoft knows about.”

Talking about Microsoft’s game studios in the UK, Phil revealed that Rare studios is working on something great which will be strategic for Microsoft’s future. HoloLens based game may be?

“I know you’ve written about this in the past and the timing of that is completely unrelated to my new venture,” says Harrison, emphatically. “I made the decision to combine Lift and Soho last year, but for various reasons that took a while to get put into practice because of schedules of projects and what people were working on. But I’ll let Microsoft talk about plans for Lift in the future, other than to say that they are working on things that are absolutely front and centre to the future of Microsoft, and I think they’re going to be doing some unbelievably important work and strategic work. So they’re in great hands with great leadership and some incredible talent. I don’t think you should have any concerns for them whatsoever.

Read the full interview from the link below.


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