Reasons Why You Don’t Text & Ride Bikes

Many people in the world have now went down the trails of Texting and Driving… Well I can simple tell you some reasons why you should not. Yesterday was a usual day, I had my HD2 and Incredible in my pocket (look out for the Verizon vs T-mobile vs att Ohio 3g comparisons) and people texting me like crazy. I am on my vacation, and so I ride bikes around town and just today I figured out why texting and riding is worse than driving and texting.

I was going home from the beach and a lady that was unbelievable beautiful passed me while I was riding no hands and texting. Now as you see there, I already have many distractions going on. I got on my mobile phone and texted my friend Rob and told him to join me at the beach to do a little shopping (if you get my drift), and before I could sent it… I ran into a fire hydrant.

Now if you are a guy you know what happens now. A bike going fast and you hit something head on and your body moves straight forward. Anyways, it was the worst pain ever and when I fell I got some huge cuts and had to go to the hospital for yesterday and some of today.

Now life’s hard enough, so when Windows Phone 7 is released… I really hope Microsoft puts some thought into putting voice to text.