Really, Microsoft?

fujitsu2After Steve Guggenheimer, Vice President, Original Equipment Manufacturer Division at Microsoft. rather nonchalantly unveiled 4 brand new Windows Phone 7 Mango handsets at WPC 11 we did think it was a bit odd, but one would have thought at the very least he had the permission of their OEMs.

Colour us rather surprised then when we wake up to find an email from a Program Manager at Microsoft asking us to remove the videos and images which must be littered all over the internet now.

The email read:

Could you please remove the post titled, “

Our OEM phone partner does not want any images of the phone publically available.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Name Removed

Program Manager

OEM Division


The whole incident smacks rather strongly of incompetence somewhere along the line.  Firstly they should have unveiled the handsets at the right venue, secondly they should have had the permission of their OEMs and lastly once they let the cat (wrongly) out of the bag they should have leveraged it some way into greater publicity, rather than trying to close the barn door after the horses have bolted.

We have of course complied with the request, but I can’t say it makes much sense to me, or reflects very well on Microsoft.

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