Readit updated with support for Continuity for Windows 10


Readit for windows 10 has been updated with a couple of cool new features in the Windows Store today.

The update brings along support for Microsoft own Continuity feature (officially Continue App Experiences), where users will be able to open an app on their PC from their phone or vice versa and sync their position or data, particularly useful since Readit will soon be available on the Xbox One, meaning you could be reading an interesting story on your phone and then cast it to the Readit app on the Xbox One for everyone to see.


The update brings along many more improvements and fixes, including:

  • New tap to reveal NSFW design (Anniversary Update Only)
    • Need feedback here, can remove if necessary
  • New appbar/ellipsis menu option for posts – “open post on other device” and “open comments on other device” (Anniversary Update Only)
    • Can launch Readit and open the post on another device with your MS account linked to it and logged in
    • Supports Xbox (when they let me release Readit soon), Windows 10 desktop/tablet, Windows 10 Mobile Phones
    • Again, requires the Anniversary Update on the casting and receiving devices
  • New settings page “Storage”
    • Shows local and roaming storage with their sizes and description of each
    • Can clear roaming storage
    • Can re-sync local -> roaming easily with a click of a button
    • If your Roaming Storage is showing over 100 kb, it won’t sync. Clear the roaming storage and re-sync and all should be working again
    • This shouldn’t happen any more if you have to fix this, as I applied a retroactive fix to the issue
  • Your Readit license is now cached – it no longer loads on every app launch
    • People who don’t have ads will no longer see the ads at all, even when the store licensing is slow or down
  • Comments will now retry to load 3 consecutive if the web request fails due to connection issues
  • Added live tile support for subreddits that you are not subscribed to
  • The “jump to” dialog will now strip spaces (upon pressing enter) so you can use swipe keyboard functionality without having to go back and delete spaces

Bug Fixes

  • Viewing context via linked posts will now know whether to show the comments or the post content by default
    • There is one case where this isn’t true, but it isn’t used as often and I will be fixing it in the next update
  • Fixed post viewer size not being correct if it took a long time to sync your license and the ads hide while viewing a post
  • Fixed animation bug when going directly to comments and then swiping to the next post and scrolling to comments
  • Fixed a scenario where Cloud Sync could fail for some users, it should be 100% good to go now
  • Fixed comments with multiple markdown links causing comments to cut-off short
  • Fixed a bug where line breaks weren’t used properly in the markdown editor when replying
    • Caused quoting to break when quoting someone’s reply
    • Caused reddit (in some rare scenarios) to misinterperet line spacing in your markdown
  • Fixed a bug where editing markdown would cause line breaks to be stripped

If you want to download the latest update for Readit on your Windows 10 device, you can get it from the link below.

Developer: Message Across Studios
Price: Free+

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