Readers Digest Survey finds Nokia still the most trusted mobile phone brand in Europe


A Readers Digest Survey of 27,467 found, despite Nokia’s falling sales in Europe, they were still the most trusted brand in the continent, toping the scale in 14 out of 15 countries, with France (who loves Bada) the lone holdout, trusting Samsung more instead.

Buyers who trusted the brand would recommend others also purchase it. In Finland up to 82% of buyers would recommend Nokia, likely explaining the Lumia’s success very well there.

It is of note however that while at present around 40% of Europeans would recommend Nokia, this was down from 80% 6 years ago, and slipped 8% only last year.

Spokesman Peter Bontje of Reader’s Digest  said: "You see that in very trendy markets like this change in the telecom brand preferences happen more quickly. A shampoo brand preference remain the same people for years but with cell phones you see that people are much easier to switch. "

He added: "The rise of Apple, which tempts people through one device and then all matching devices, it had certainly not be underestimated. This market is very sensitive. "

The finding from the large scale survey shows however that there is still significant hope for Nokia, if they can produce a product their fans can stand behind and recommend without reservation, something which will hopefully increasingly be possible with Windows Phone.

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