Reader survey shows exclusivity will have minimal impact on Nokia Lumia 920 adoption, 50% willing to leave their carrier for it


We ran a survey on Friday to assess how the fact that the Nokia Lumia 920 is exclusive to certain carriers in many regions will affect  our reader’s buying decisions.

Before the news of the exclusivity, in a poll of 5,788 readers 83.64% of readers opted for the Nokia Lumia 920, vs 16.36% for the other high-end Windows Phone 8 handsets.

I have now tallied the results of the most recent poll, with 3,270 respondents, and it shows that 72% of readers are still opting for Nokia’s new flagship.

This does not mean readers are not affected by the exclusivity.  The Nokia Lumia 920 was offered to only 30% of readers who are affected by carrier lock in, leaving 70% of readers on carriers either not getting the handset or buying unlocked handsets in any case.


Of those who’s carriers will be offering the NL 920, 88% are getting the Nokia Lumia 920, while 12% are getting another Windows Phone.  For those who’s carriers do not offer the handset (also around 30% of reader) 49% are willing to leave their carrier for the Nokia Lumia 920, while 51% would stay and buy another Windows Phone. This kind of result, which attracts subscribers from other networks, would justify a greater carrier investment in marketing the handset, which is likely the goal of exclusivity in the first place. It also puts paid to the notion that no-one will switch carriers for a phone they want.

Reflecting the international make-up of the readership of the site, a significant percentage of our respondents (36.4%) were willing to buy their handset unlocked, and amongst this group 85% were opting for the Nokia Lumia 920 over 15% for the cheaper alternate Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Overall, while less people than before (72% vs 83%) were planning on buying the Nokia Lumia 920, carrier exclusivity does not seem to be the fatal blow to the handset that some expect, at least amongst our readers.

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