In May Microsoft added support for Read Aloud for PDFs to the Edge Canary and Dev Builds.

Today the company announced that Read Aloud fr PDFs is now also available in the Beta builds of the new browser.

The current version of the Edge Beta browser is Build 84.0.522.20, and it was last updated with bug fixes and performance improvements on the 15th June.

To access Read aloud, open any PDF file in Microsoft Edge from your computer or from the web. In the toolbar along the top, you will see “Read aloud” as an option. Click/tap on this button to start.

Microsoft has announced a range of other features coming to the PDF Reader in the Edge browser. Those include:

  • Smoother scroll experience: We are bringing the smooth scroll of Legacy Edge to the modern browser.
  • Table of Contents: You will soon be able to view the contents of PDF files and navigate through the file with the same.
  • Highlight mode: In this mode, you will be able to create highlights directly by selecting text, without the need of clicking on a highlight button.
  • Text notes: With this, you will be able to add their own notes to text in PDF files. These notes will travel with the PDF.
  • Protected PDF files: Microsoft Information Protection adds a layer of security to your documents. It ensures that only the users who have certain permissions as view, copy, annotate can take those actions on the file. Hence, no matter where the document goes, the data of your organization remains secure.
    • Viewing labels of protected files: You will soon be able to view the sensitivity labels
    • Viewing MIP files protected in other tenants: This will enable you to view the files protected in other organizations, or in other tenants in the organization.
  • Digital signatures: View and validate certificate based Digital signatures on signed files.
  • Accessibility improvements: With this, you will be able to fill PDF forms using screen readers, and navigate through PDF documents using caret mode.

The Edge Beta browser, which is updated every 6 weeks, can be downloaded from Microsoft here.