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19, 2011

We as humans are quick to jump to conclusions. Its only natural. As I read the article about OneNote coming to the iPhone for free I felt the same way rush24 did. As time passed I wonderd why would Microsoft do such a thing? Why would they ignore their own OS? Answer is simple! Their past.

Microsoft almost lost the case in 2000 due to having a near monoply. It seems they have learned a thing or two about anti trust cases. The idea seems brilliant. Release products on different platforms to avoid any lawsuits, while creating brand awareness. Face it – the install base on ios is huge, and what a great opportunity to create good awareness of the products Microsoft offers.

As far as updating goes, each update is different from other. For example you can code for silverlight and take x amount of time vs c#. Then there is testing involved. Many things factor into this.

Microsoft is one of the biggest company in tech. Im pretty sure they know what they are doing.

I have more to add but I just want to show a different point of view.

Also guys its my first post so plz dont be harsh 🙂

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