Rdio updated to Mango, features background and offline playback

Rdio has been in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for nearly a year, but has only today, with its 3.0 update, become super useful. 

The app has been updated to support Windows Phone 7 Mango, and now supports background playback. Uniquely for a streaming music service on Windows Phone 7 (besides Zune of course), the software also supports synching of music to the device for off-line playback.

imageThe service offers more than 10 million songs and has the following features:

  • Access 10+ million songs
  • Tons of new albums added every week
  • Carry your collection in your pocket
  • Sync and play music when you’re offline
  • Build unlimited playlists
  • Search the entire Rdio catalog

Read more about the app at WindowsPhone.com here or at Rdio here.

Via Gizmodo.com