RBS/Natwest “Pay Your Contacts” enhanced app coming to Windows Phone

imageMerged banks Natwest and RBS have just released a new direct person to person payment service to their users in England, Scotland and Wales, powered by iPhone and Android apps.

The service allows  customers using the RBS/NatWest mobile phone app to send a payment of up to £100 to anyone with a Visa card by entering their mobile phone number. The new service is initially being tested out by some groups from today, with a full launch planned after Easter.

RBS/NatWest said their new Pay Your Contacts initiative is the "UK’s easiest payment service on mobile", with no need for people to register to receive their money and 115 million Visa cards currently in use in the UK.

Fortunately for Windows Phone users they will not be left out of the party, with Natwest and RBS saying they will be releasing “an enhanced version of the Windows phone app” soon which supports this feature.

The partnership with Visa Europe is currently UK-only, but may eventually become cross-border, with Sandra Alzetta, senior vice president and head of mobile at Visa Europe, saying:

"Mobile technology has the ability to fundamentally change the way that people manage their money and make payments – not only in this country but around the world."

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