Razer’s RGB smart mask is going to be a reality


29, 2021

The Razer gaming mask is actually going to be real to make the world that little bit brighter… With RGB of course. 

Once merely a concept as part of the plan to put RGB of absolutely everything, it looks like Project Hazel is actually going to be a real thing. 

We first heard about Project Hazel back in January, but now in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said that “Project Hazel is going to be a reality.”

Beyond the usual shielding that the standard fabric mask would provide, this smart mask has active ventilation to bring in cool air and release heat from exhaling, which should make things all around that bit more comfortable. 

The clear transparent design is also meant to make communication easier, since now you can see the mouth of the person you’re talking to, rather than just relying on frantic eyebrow wiggling. 

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It might have some good technology behind it, but it doesn’t half look gaudy. You’d expect to see a mask like this in the post-apocalypse, rather than a trip to your local supermarket. 

More curious than it’s looks is just how late this mask is coming into the pandemic. Hopefully, we’re coming towards the end of it, if I could dare to be so optimistic, where everyone already has a mask to use, and all the less need for one as eccentric as this.

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