Razer’s first ever smartphone is coming next month

Razer acquired smartphone manufacturer Nextbit earlier this year. Nextbit only made one Android-powered smartphone, the Robin, which had a beautifully interesting design and heavily relied on the cloud to give users more storage on their device. And now, Razer is soon going to be revealing its own smartphone.

Razer today teased a big event for November 1st, just two days ahead of the release of the iPhone X. The company teased the big unveiling with the tagline “Watch. Listen. Play.” — which obviously doesn’t reveal anything about the device itself. When Razer acquired Nextbit earlier this year, the company’s CEO said that the talent from Nextbit will allow the company to “disrupt” more markets and grow its business by entering the smartphone market:

“Nextbit is one of the most exciting companies in the mobile space. Razer has a track record of disrupting industries where our technology and ability to design and innovate have allowed us to dominate categories with longstanding incumbents, such as the peripherals and laptop categories. With the talent that Nextbit brings to Razer, we look forward to unleashing more disruption and growing our business in new areas.”

Razer is known for building premium Windows gaming computers and accessories, so the company’s first ever smartphone will certainly be something to look forward to. Razer says it’ll be the company’s biggest unveiling ever, so we’ll let you know more about the device when it launches next month.

Source: Razer | Via: Engadget

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