Razer to produce surgical masks to aid in fight against coronavirus

by Ash
March 19, 2020

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer is working on producing surgical masks to donate to countries around the world to aid in the fight against coronavirus.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, posted about the company’s new direction on his official Twitter account.

Employees at Razer have reportedly been working around the clock to convert some of the company’s existing manufacturing lines into ones that can help produce surgical masks.

Tan says that the company plans to donate these to countries around the world, as the COVID-19 pandemic is taking an extreme toll on medical supplies.

You can read the entire Tweet thread, transcribed in plain text for easier reading, below.

So I haven’t had much sleep over the past couple of days to get this initiative up and running, but I’m happy to be able to announce this on behalf of the team here at @Razer.

With the worsening of the COVID-19 situation, health authorities worldwide are facing an extreme shortage of surgical masks used by the frontline healthcare staff in the battle against the virus. Some countries have even banned the export of masks in face of the dire shortage.

While there has been incredible demand for our products during this time with many staying home to avoid the crowds (and to play games), the team at @Razer understands that all of us have a part to play in fighting the virus – no matter which industry we come from.

Over the past few days, our designers and engineers have been working 24-hour shifts to convert some of our existing manufacturing lines to produce surgical masks so that we can donate them to countries around the world.

We intend to donate up to 1M masks to the health authorities of different countries globally. For starters, we’ve been in touch with the authorities in Singapore (where the @Razer SEA HQ is based) to donate some of the initial shipments to assist their fight against COVID-19.

The rest of our Razer global/regional offices will also be reaching out to their respective governments/health authorities to see how we can prioritize our support and donations of surgical masks in the various countries and regions where we have a presence.

All of us have a part to play and we should be doing whatever we can with the situation getting more serious. Please keep yourself and your family safe – and do lets support each other in these trying times. The team at Razer is stepping up to do what we can.

This emergency conversion of some of our lines and donation of masks is the first step of many that @Razer will take. We are committed to contributing our extra time, resources, effort and talent toward the fight against COVID-19.

Tan also said that if you’d like to “get involved with our fight against the virus” then to follow the Razer social media channels. Tan also encouraged corporations and individuals who want to help to reach out to Razer.

The 2019 novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has recently been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. At the time of publishing, there have been 191,127 cases and 7,807 deaths confirmed globally.

If you start displaying symptoms of COVID-19, the smartest thing to do is to isolate yourself from others and remain at home until you recover. If you start feeling worse, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Maintaining good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands regularly and covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze, can help to prevent the spread of most viruses and keep yourself and others safe from infection.

For any concerns regarding COVID-19, you can visit the World Health Organization website to check on the status of the outbreak and educate yourself on related issues.

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