Razer has branched out into providing yet another gaming product: the Razer Raptor gaming monitor.

Essentially appearing like a 27-inch Razer Blade screen hoisted onto a sleek stand, the new gaming monitor has a striking look.

Available to purchase today at the price of $700, Razer’s gaming monitor has some tasty specifications. The 2560×1440 IPS panel supports AMD’s Radeon Freesync technology and has a response time of 4ms when using Overdrive.

For those who don’t use Overdrive, the panel can go even lower with 1ms response times. Unfortunately, there’s no negative latency like with the upcoming Google Stadia.

Razer’s display also supports HDR technology. While it isn’t the brightest panel, the Raptor can reach a solid 420 Nits at peak brightness. Alongside a wide colour gamut at 95% DCI-P3, light photo editing should be lovely on this display.

“A gaming monitor requires extreme performance with speed and clarity, so you can react in a split-second,” the device’s product page reads. “It also needs to be able to display deep vibrant colors and a natural life-like image to create a sense of immersion. The Razer Raptor was created to be a true expression of this, and more—a no-compromise display that produces breathtaking image quality for your battlestation.”

The monitor follows the company’s eye for design: from the front it essentially appears just like the minimalist screens on the gorgeous Razer Blade. With bottom Razer Chroma lighting and bright green wire rests too, it’s a beauty for sure.