Rapper Soulja boy has dominated children’s parties thanks to white middle-aged DJs who still thinks that “cranking” and “Superman-ing” is still cool. They aren’t cool, by the way, but that’s not the point. For some reason, Soulja Boy has moved past the days of poorly-named dance moves and into the console market.

The SouljaGame games console is a repurposed emulator box that’s being officially sold on the rapper’s website. The SouljaWatch website is charging $199.99 for the console, although it is currently on sale for $149.99. There’s a handheld version as well which, while usually sold for $199.99, is currently on sale for $99.99.

SouljaGame Console allegedly plays SOULJAGAME, PlayStation, NEOGEO, PC, SEGA, GBA, and NES video games. The SouljaGame Handheld is said to play Switch, 3DS, Vita, NEOGEO, GBC, Gameboy and GBA games. I’ll put it simply – it bloody doesn’t.

Thanks to a report by Polygon, we know that both SouljaGame devices are repurposed devices by a company called Anbernic. Both devices are available to buy for a lower price on AliExpress, $105 for the console and $72.99 – $79.99 for the handheld. I wouldn’t recommend buying either.

These devices are marked-up versions of low-power emulation devices that really aren’t worth your time or money. They can’t play the majority of the systems they claim to, and they can’t even play the others perfectly.

Source: Polygon