The Rainbow Six Siege next-gen update know has a release date for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Ubisoft’s free update will launch on December 1st, giving players a choice between two new ways to play the tactical FPS game on console: 4K or 120fps.

Once the update releases, players can toggle either Performance Mode or Resolution Mode in the options menu. Xbox Series X and PS5 will run performance mode at a dynamic 4K, whereas Xbox Series S will run at 1080p.

Xbox Series S does have another downside compared to Series X and PS4. On the cheaper next-gen box, High Resolution will output at 1728p instead of 4K. A minor hit but a bit nonetheless.

Players will be able to upgrade their current-gen copies to next-gen copies on December 1st. All purchases, unlocks and progression will carry over to next-gen platforms.

Check out the trailer:

Original Story: Ubisoft has explained the target framerate and resolution for their free Rainbow Six Siege next-gen upgrades. 

While the game developer didn’t go into too much detail on their Rainbow Six Siege next-gen plans, they did explain that the multiplayer shooter will be targeting 120fps on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PlayStation 5.

As for rendering resolution, Ubisoft explained that the game would be running “up to 4K” on next-gen machines. While it wasn’t explained which consoles were targeting 4K and which were not, it’s likely the developer was discussing the Xbox Series S.

While Microsoft’s budget-focused next-gen machine is designed to run intensive next-gen exclusive content, as well as current-gen games, it’s designed to run next-gen content at 1440p and below instead of the full 2160 (4K) that’s possible with the Xbox Series X.

For other confirmed next-gen games that run at 120fps, check out Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Dirt 5.