As a taste of what’s to come in Rainbow Six Extraction, players in Rainbow Six Siege will soon be able to enjoy a brand new mode called Nest Destruction which is inspired by the upcoming PVE shooter. 

Available between August 3rd and August 24th, this Containment event features a brand new game mode called Nest Destruction which is a PVP twist to Rainbow Six Extraction’s gameplay, in which teams of players fight against one another to destroy or preserve a nest of the alien Chimera bacteria.

In this game mode, attacking players, playing as a selection of Rainbow Six Siege’s usual operators, must eliminate two secondary Chimera nests before heading to the primary nest that needs to be destroyed, but the defending team of Proteans will trying to stop them every step of the way.

While the defending Proteans players have been stripped of their guns, they’re far from defenceless as these Proteans are stronger and faster than the usual assortment of Rainbow Six Siege’s operators. The defending players also possess Oryx’s abilities such as dashing and climbing up hatches, as well as Aruni’s punch, so they’re not to be underestimated. 

Playing through this Rainbow Six Siege Containment event gives players a chance to unlock 33 new items to the game, including a Sentient Growth weapon and attachment skin, as well as an Antiparasitic Serum weapon charm. 

These items will be doled out through new packs, one of which you’ll be given for free to start your collection of event-based items. You’ll also be able to buy the new limited-time cosmetics through the in-game store using R6 credits if you really want to. 

Despite Rainbow Six Siege’s Containment event lasting until August 24th, Rainbow Six Extraction is still a long while away, as it has recently been delayed once again from an originally played September 16th release date, all the way to an ambiguous launch sometime in January 2022.