Ubisoft is set to announce a new game in the Rainbow Siege series, according to a fresh crop from the rumour mill.

Industry insider Nibel confirmed Kotaku journalist Jason Schreier’s claims on Splitscreen Podcast that Ubisoft was working on a co-op PVE game. Whilst Schreier has yet to name the upcoming project, Nobel name-dropped the title as Rainbow Six: Quarantine.

Nothing else of note has been leaked regarding the upcoming Ubisoft project. With Watch Dogs Legion our in the wild, it seems rather weird that this title has yet to leak. After all, it’s pre-E3 and it’s Ubisoft!

There’s no denying Schreier’s accuracy in reporting. With everything from Diablo 4 to a cancelled Starcraft FPS, in recent times he’s been on top of every major leak in the games industry.