Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay leaks


5, 2021

Five minutes of Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay has leaked online, showing Ela dispatching a horde of parasitic aliens. 

The gameplay, leaked by SkyLeax and subsequently posted on YouTube for us to enjoy through an intense watermark, shows off some familiar Rainbow Six elements such as the gunplay, gadgets, and of course, the characters. 

At the start of the video, we get a glimpse of the gadgets on offer for Alibi. The nitro cell, stun grenade and drone are as you might expect to their Rainbow Six Siege counterparts, however, body armour, ammo satchel’s and a scan grenade look like fun new toys to play with. 

Amidst slaying the hordes of aliens, Ela is pushing towards her KO’d teammates, bringing them to the extraction point as the objective of the mission, potentially as a type of rescue mission we have heard about in a previous leak. 

YouTube player

Formerly Rainbow Six Quarantine, the name is being changed after the obvious connections to the covid pandemic, with Parasite supposedly a placeholder name until a later release. 

Regardless of the name change, for a game once called Quarantine, you might expect they wouldn’t be having leaks. Despite the leaks, we still don’t know when Rainbow Six Parasite is set to be released.

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