Ragdoll Run v1.3 out now!

Ragdoll Run v1.3 is probably the best update yet for the game and features two new characters. The first one is available both in Free and Premium version of the game, called Flurry the snowman. Bobo the Yeti is the second character, available in Ragdoll Run Premium.

QR Code generatorThis is the full list of what´s new in 1.3:

  • Added new character Flurry
  • Added new character Bobo (Premium Character)
  • Added Emeralds
  • Changed Game Over screen to display relevant information
  • Now you can keep all collected Coins and Emeralds
  • Expanded Local High score to display top 30 players
  • Expanded Global High score to display top 100 players
  • Added new level sections
Ragdoll Run Premium is available at $0.99 here or at the QR-code. Ragdoll Run Free can be downloaded here.