Ragdoll Run 2.0 is finally here!


5, 2013

After months of hard work, Ragdoll Run 2.0 has launched at the Windows Phone Store! So what does 2.0 bring to the table?

The biggest improvement is that a shop has been added to the game, which has been the single most requested feature from the gamers. The ability to save coins and jewels has been removed and all collectibles in the game has instead been unified in a in-game currency called “Ragdollars”. Players earns Ragdollars from every race and can use Ragdollars to buy new costumes for all characters, in-game themes and beautiful lockscreens for their phones. Ragdoll Run now has in-app purchases so if a player needs more Ragdollars they can simply buy packages with either Paypal or by simply sending a text message.

Gamers who has already collected a bunch of coins and jewels in earlier versions will of course not be left out. When updating to 2.0, all earlier collected coins and jewels will be converted to Ragdollars.

With more than 2 million downloads, Ragdoll Run is one of the most downloaded games for Windows Phone. Following is everything new in Ragdoll Run 2.0:

Whats new? (v2.0)

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  • Added unified currency “Ragdollars” (Collected coins and jewels will be automatically converted to RD)
  • Your total score from every race will now earn you Ragdollars
  • Added In-game shop “Ragshop”
  • Added 24(!) new costumes for characters in the Ragshop
  • Added 2 new In-game backgrounds in the Ragshop
  • Added 3 new wallpapers (lock-screens) for your phone in the Ragshop
  • Changed the unlock criteria for Cookie, Flurry, Papa Joe, Snorre and Jolly
  • Changed the value of Coins
  • Changed the value of Jewels
  • Balanced Chicky’s ability “Easter Egg”
  • Added new icon to Ragdoll Run


Ragdoll Run comes in two versions, one Free which can be downloaded HERE and one Premium version for $0.99 which can be downloaded HERE. The Premium version removes ads and unlocks 25.000 Ragdollars to use for in-game purchases (Normal cost: $1.99). The QR-code can also be used to download Ragdoll Run.

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