Rafael Rivera running an App Settings Back-up hackathon today

Rafael Rivera has given himself the challenge of creating a backup solution for Windows Phone Mango which will allow users to migrate to another device and still maintain applications settings and data, such as high scores for example.

He plans to start in an hour and aim to finish within 12 hours.

His goals for the app are:

  • Must support backup of Marketplace-derived apps. (e.g. Plants vs. Zombies save state)
  • Must use sockets for easy PC<->Phone communication. Fishing crap out of Isolated Storage manually is unacceptable.
  • Must work on his Samsung Focus (v1.3) devices running Mango.
  • Must succeed in using saved app. state on restore target.

If I succeed, he plans to release the XAP and any information needed to use it/further development.

He is planning to live blog his progress, so keep an eye on his site here.

While the goal is laudable, even full success will still require an unlocked device, which means Microsoft better get a move on providing an official migration solution for Windows Phone 7 users wishing to move to second generation devices.