Rackspace Cloud App Now Available On Windows Store

Rackspace has released its Cloud app for Windows 8 devices on Windows Store. Rackspace Cloud for Windows 8 allows you to quickly and easily control your Cloud Servers and Cloud Files wherever you are.

Features for Managing Cloud Servers:

· Reboot, rename, resize, and rebuild
· Change the root password
· Manage backup schedules
· Delete or create multiple Cloud Servers at once
· Ping IP addresses to your Cloud Servers from multiple locations around the world
· Open IP addresses in Safari and an SSH client if one that responds to ssh:// URLs is installed on your device (i.e. iSSH)
· Bootstrap Cloud Servers with Chef from your Chef server or the Opscode Platform

Features for Managing Cloud Files:

· Control CDN settings
· Create and delete containers
· Create folders in containers
· Create media (photos and video) and text files
· Download and open Cloud Files objects to your device
· Email as an attachment or a CDN link
· Tweet CDN links to Cloud Files if you have the Twitter® app installed on your device
· Open CDN links in Safari
· Print applicable Cloud File
· Play audio and video over AirPlay® to your Apple® TV (iOS 4.3 and up)
· Open in other apps that support the file type
· Delete Cloud Files

Features for Managing Load Balancers:

· View, create, update, and delete Cloud Load Balancers
· Add nodes to Cloud Load Balancerss
· Remove nodes from Cloud Load Balancers
· Update Cloud Load Balancer node conditions

General Features:

· Login and change your login preferences from within the app
· Passcode lock to protect the app from being opened by someone else
· Passcode lock allows you to wipe the app’s data after ten failed login attempts
· Supports multiple Rackspace Cloud accounts
· Supports connecting to the US and UK Rackspace Cloud, as well as custom API endpoints for OpenStack® users
· Accounts can be sorted for easy access to your most important accounts
· Detailed error handling: if something fails, you can see an equivalent curl command for the API call as well as the full HTTP response from the API
· View Cloud Servers and Cloud Files System Status RSS Feeds
· Contact Rackspace via phone (US and UK) or Twitter
· View your API rate limit

Robert Scoble, an employee of Rackspace always criticized that developers are not building Windows 8 app. May be he should first check out his own company before commenting on it.

Download the app for free from Windows Store here.