Rabbit Run 2.0 is out – now YOU can create the levels.


26, 2012

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When you fire up Rabbit Run 2.0 it looks very much like the original 1.0, and the gameplay has not changed.

  • Your goal is still to get bunny to his love.
  • There are now 80 built in levels to party on.

So what’s the big news? It must be big since the version has moved to the twos, right?

Yes, there are some big changes, you’ll have to go the new online section of the app to see it. From here you can now create your own levels right on the phone in a simple level editor. It is very easy and a rough level can be made in a few seconds. As soon as you have created the level you can hit play and you’ll be playing your own little creation. After you have tested it out and maybe polished it a bit you can save it online and other players can now play it. If they think it is fun they can “Like” it to let other players know that there is fun to be had 🙂

And really, who wouldn’t want to play a level like this?  (actually this one turned out to be pretty hard)

So basically with this new version you can:

  • Build your own levels in seconds.
  • Play the new level immediately on the phone.
  • If your new level is fun go ahead and share it with the world.
  • Good levels will receive “Likes” by other players, so if you make some really fun levels you can see them climb up the “most liked levels” list.
  • Each level will show who has the global high score for the level.

imageRabbit Run 2.0 is availeble now in marketplace for free.

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