Rabbids Coding is Ubisoft’s free way of teaching coding through games


2, 2019

Ubisoft has announced a new edutainment title called Rabbids Coding that aims to teach programming through fun.

Releasing as a free download on Ubisoft’s proprietary storefront Uplay, the title is targeting young players who have never coded before. The title launches on October 8th.

The title will allow players to tackle 32 different levels that will see them slotting together instructional code in order to clean up a messy spaceship. The premise sees the player controlling the rowdy Rabbids through a mind-control device programmed by the instructional blocks.

Rabbids Coding will teach players to improve their coding abilities through relaying levels. Competing levels with simpler and more efficient code stands will reward players.

After completing the main campaign, players will be allowed to explore an awesome sandbox environment. This unlockable environment will allow players to test out their coding skills even more; become a coding matter

The upcoming edutainment title was announced at London’s Keys to Learn event on Monday. Presented by the game’s director Olivier Palmieri, Ubisoft is hoping that local schools will adopt the title for programming classes.

“Rabbids Coding is about making programming fun and accessible for everyone and to show that actually it’s not that complicated. It’s about logic and simple instructions that you put in front of each other,” Palmeri said according to website VGC.

“We’ve created a handbook so that the game can be used in schools, by children or adults. With this guide you can make classes, whether that’s at school or at home with your kids. It’s a very easy and accessible way to explore the logic of programming.”

Coding’s built-in instructional blocks are similar to other programming tools designed for children. For anyone who’s used the program Scratch, Ubisoft’s method will appear very similar.

If you want to learn more about Ubisoft’s upcoming edutainment title, read more about it here.

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