Ubisoft has finally changed the name of the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Spinoff Rainbow Six Quarantine to something a lot less pandemic-y.

In a video from the dev team, the name has finally, officially, been changed after constant speculation that it might be due to us all living through a global pandemic and deciding it wasn’t all too fun. 

Instead, producer, Antoine Vimal Du Monteil announced in the video that the game has officially been renamed to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, a Ubisoft Original. Even without the extra gubbins around the core name, it doesn’t quite have the punch that Quarantine did, even if it is thematic to the gameplay. 

From what we’ve seen from past leaks, Extracting wounded operators and NPC’s is high up on the to-do list as you study and try to eliminate the parasite which caused the outbreak. As Patrik Methe, Creative Director of Rainbow Six Extraction says in the video, “You’ll always have one goal in mind, making sure no one gets left behind.”

We’re set to see more of Rainbox Six Extraction in the Ubisoft Forward event which is part of E3, broadcasting at 12 pm PT on the 12th of June. If you can’t wait that long, however, there have been a few leaks that you can watch to give you a glimpse at the game.