QuizBlaster – A Competitive Quiz Game for Windows Phone 8


22, 2014

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Are you a huge trivia fan? Are you a competitive trivia fan?

What: Competitive quiz game
Price: Free
Platforms: Windows PhoneiOS (coming soon)
Info: http://quizblaster.com
QR Code:  image

QuizBlaster is fast paced, competitive quiz game for Windows Phone. It’s for lovers of trivia, arcane facts and just plain esoteric randomness. Players can show off their extensive general knowledge playing against other people in real time, brain to brain combat!

The game pits players against other players in real time in a synchronized, “You versus the world” kind of way. Ten questions of ten seconds means players are battling the clock as well as each other to answer questions covering a huge variety of topics.

QuizBlaster also has an interesting variation on other trivia games – players can contribute questions. This crowd-sourcing extends the already expansive question database, keeping it fresh. Oh, and players earn big points for contributing questions.

It’s is the brainchild of a couple of guys from New Zealand who have a penchant for general knowledge of all kinds: pub quizzes, in flight quizzes, Mastermind, Jeopardy! They reasoned that there are lots of folks out there who share a love of quirky facts and arcane info – and showing it off.

A Windows Phone 1.1 update has just been released and the team has also just launched an iOS version.


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