Quick thoughts on the HTC HD2’s new Cousin


With the HTC HD2 T-mobile version being merely hours before release… Sprint found it as a great time to announce its cousin. In a world where HTC tries to make as much as they can, and companies try to win costumers, I think this  move is just being a little unfair.

T-mobile, just tomorrow, is releasing what might be their best device ever, and it seems Sprint is not playing fairly and stealing their shine a little. They recently announced their new Evo, which will be the first 4G Android device to hit Sprint, and coincidentally, its specs are almost identical to the HD2’s. The device comes with a lot of the same, but does have some upsides like the 8MP camera and kickstand, but with Windows Mobile and Metal/Sexiness on the HD2’s side, I think we know who could be the clear winner.

This seems a bit unfair, but I guess there was no other show except CTIA that they could unveil this new device. They spoke of a summer release but some news is coming in about a late May release. With that time, T-mobile has to market the life out of the HTC HD2, and sell as much as they can, because as soon as the public hears of a 4G phone with a kick stand and a 8MP camera, sales will drop.

What do you guys think? After this being announced so close to T-mobile’s release of the HD2… do you think its fair? Will you still buy an HD2? Answer below.

Update: I just noticed a comment that made me think. We cannot really call these two devices cousins because the Evo 4G is pretty much man handling the HD2 with many things. The 4G is first, HDMI,FF camera and  8MP rear camera. I think that give the Evo 4G grounds to call the HD2 little brother, other than the 4G part of course, since Sprint does not have a big map and T-Mobile’s 3G has 4G like speeds.

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