Quick Shopping Tip: Don’t Ever… In Your Life, Buy The Jabra Halo

When many of us are looking for a new bluetooth headset it seems everyone wants a stereo headset. But in a world that design makes a difference, only Jabra seems to have the great looking stereo headset, well if you are considering their Jabra Halo… Keep looking. The headset that I have been using now for quite some time now is simple the worst. While trying to go to the gym and do a little expensive, the headset constantly falls off my head. While outside for a quick run, the headsets music player stops working when it gets a little breezy (I am not even sure how that happens) and I have to walk instead. After working out I become sweaty, well the headset does not like that and the material gets shucked and I have to let it dry. Lastly when its done drying, the fabric starts pilling off like cloth, and then you have a raggedy looking headset that cost you a hundred dollars.

Now I am not sure about you, but that’s a bit too much for simple looks.

That is all the tips I have for you today. Hope you shop smartly.